How meta. Remix is itself a remix.

Remixed Original

Not just for mobile anymore

The Moovweb platform is more than just an SDK for transforming websites to mobile but a new development approach for all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet). Using Moovweb creates an abstraction layer between the font-end design and the back-end plumbing of your site, and frees each side to focus on what their team does best.

In the case of Remix, the back-end app was developed to deliver unstyled semantic HTML, and then the UI layer was designed and implemented using the Moovweb SDK. The final result,, was then hosted on the Moovweb Cloud just like any other project.

How meta. Hipsters rejoice.

Go ahead create your own remix of remix which itself a remix! And don't forget to (tell us)[] about your design for


Graphic design by Mic Funk

B4753ed732e72ff2568262c9387bbc4c Bradley Grzesiak
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